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Pooja Enterprise is well known name for Brass Male Anchors, Brass Female Anchors & Brass Anchors Fittings.

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Used for all light & medium duty fixing in Building Industry and various other applications as
mentioned below.
Mounting of suspended ceilings
Sanitary Installation work
Heating systems
And many others.
Types of Anchors
Brass Round Stud Anchors
Brass Pool Anchors
Brass Concrete Anchors
Brass Drop Anchors
Brass Knuling Anchors
Brass Slotted Anchors
Brass Sleeve Anchors
Brass Wood Anchors
Material :
Brass Materials of Various Standard & Non-Standard grades
Brass Composition as per customers specification
Standards :
DIN, ISO, Metric, UN and others as per customer’s drawing & requirement
Finishing and Coatings :
Natural Brass
Advantages :
It has a Larger bearing area.
It functions as a socket.
Fixture can be removed and replaced.
Suitable for solid brick, light concrete, hollow core concrete chambers / panels, Timber.
Internal Tapering module which enables the Anchor to expand and to auto lock the suspension
rod and gets into position.
The body is knurled for improved performance.
Corrosion resistant and Temperature resistant. Hence can be used in all environments
Embossed surface provides extra grip
Inside conical shape ensures equal expansion of segments while screwing
Very useful in building material viz. concrete, brick, natural stone and also in wood
Simple and easy to apply
Drill a hole as per the external diameter of Brass Anchor
Hammer the Anchor into the hole
Take a required bolt for screwing
Fix it with suitable spanner

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